Recent findings that give pause.

30 09 2009

”Women are considered an “indicator species” for bike-friendly cities for several reasons.” and “An emerging body of research suggests that a superior strategy to increase pedal pushing could be had by asking the perennial question: What do women want?”, which sounds an awful lot like the rhetorical question I posed shortly after moving to the ‘Burgh. Of course, it wasn’t the first time then, and I am sure will return many times throughout my lifetime of cycling.

And, Dave Horton seems to have shed some light on the direction of the answers I seek. Some food for thought: “The relevant argument, then as now, is that danger comes not from cycling, but from cars. The compulsion on the cyclist to ‘be seen and be safe’ puts the onus to change on the wrong group. The resonance with the highly controversial contemporary issue of helmets is clear.”



One response

3 10 2009
They Say We Need More Women Bicycle Commuters | Bike Shop Girl

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