Website Relocation

16 02 2010

We are no longer updating these pages, having outgrown the blog format.  Please check out our new website at

All of this content has been transferred, and will continue to be updated, there. Thanks!

Velomuse Junior Development Club

28 01 2010

Good news, all!

The Velomuse Junior Development Club is in the formative stages to create a platform for High School students to learn to ride bicycles in a skillful and responsible manner in public parks and low-traffic rural roads, develop a community leadership strategy, and work with local advocacy groups to create and maintain public trails. Beginning February 16th 2010, students in the Greater Pittsburgh Region between the ages of 14-18 years of age will have their first opportunity to train for 6 months in numerous disciplines of cycling (road, track, indoor, and mountain biking), learning a variety of applications of cycling utility, culminating in the junior mountain bike races held by Pennsylvania Scholastic Cycling League in Carslisle, Pennsylvania.

**We need your help to make this possible.** The expenses of such a program are vast, which can be a deal-breaker for many students (or their parents) considering joining a new program. By contributing to this cause, you are demonstrating your support for cycling to a multitude of generations, businesses, and non-profits.

If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring the team, please fill out the following form by February 14th, and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

Cycling Education Lecture Series

20 01 2010

Tonight and next week, a Pittsburgh local bike shop is hosting informational lectures with field experts. Click the image for more information.

Study about women’s blogs

19 01 2010

Why not continue the pattern of sharing information? Education seems like the best way to get information out, and discover a community’s needs. Report linked as PDF.

Snowed In – Black and Goldsprints (Pittsburgh)

7 01 2010

Daily Photograph Project

3 01 2010

Bookmark this if you like looking at pictures, some undoubtedly having to do with bikes: or click the menu above.

Annual Bike Mileage Contest

29 12 2009

Annual Mileage for 2009: Travis Saeler wins with 7139 miles (see picture).  Lorri Lee Lown comes in second with 3,666 miles on all her bikes, compiled on a GPS.    Lee-Ann Beatty runs close with a notable 1146.23 miles on one bike.
Fastest Rider: John Hinderliter with “63.3 mph going down Coxcomb Hill from the Ramparts into New Ken right after they paved it.”
Most Miles in 1 Day: Ted King-Smith with 220 miles.

Travis Saeler Wins!

1) be or make my acquaintance
2) no disclaimers
3) total mileage for 2009 must be confirmed by 1 bicycle computer*

Contest ends on December 31, 2009 at 11:59pm.